Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Quest Begins

Hi there, blogger.com,

My name is Andrew, I'm 19 years old and I live in Australia (by default of birth, not by choice). Today, November 11 at (checks watch) 9.02am, I'm beginning my quest for perfection. I've tried to start this project many times before, but continued to fail - so here is my hope: that if I am responsible to someone - i.e. this blog, and any readers who may be out there - then I am far more likely to be successful.

To some of you, this may seem like an ambitious quest - aiming for something that is widely believed not to exist - but where most people see unattainability, I see criteria.

I've based my idea of perfection on what I've seen of celebrities (yes, I'm truly a product of my generation). The celebrities who haven't gone off the rails have all, in my eyes, achieved perfection. They have lots of money, they leak confidence from their pores, they're stunning to look at nothing phases them. I'm not going to aim for all this - at least not yet. To boil it down to a non-celebrity level, someone reaches perfection when they feel that they are the best version of themselves that they will ever be.

Earlier this year I quit university; partially because Business is arguably the most boring degree anybody could hope to study, and partially because I wanted to work on myself (I likened it to fixing the foundation before I build the house). It's been about three months and I still haven't made any progress on Project Andrew. This is about to change.

By October 24, 2010 (my 20th birthday), I will:

1. lose a lot of weight (I'm going to weigh myself this Sunday, and then I'll have a more exact goal)
2. have a lot more money (I won't set an exact amount for that will surely amount to disappointment)
3. aim to be more confident in myself (which will most likely come from achieving the first two goals - again, I'm a product of my generation)
4. live in surroundings that are organised to an anally-retentive level (after all, how can one be perfect when surrounded by imperfection?)

OK guys, I'll check in tomorrow - wish me luck!

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