Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 4

Glasses of water: 1 (bad), confectionary items: 5000 (addictions are not overcome in a day), soft drink items: 3 (bad).

Well, well, well... it has been a thoroughly uninteresting day today. I worked from 12.30 to 9, and it is now 11pm. It has been fruitless as I've spent the day engaging in thoroughly non-perfect activities, from the bag of candy I ate this morning to the cheese twists and bag of jelly beans that Mother brought into work (yes, she has now opened a mobile sabotage service, though to her defence she does not know it). I did, however, earn lots of money, which will bode well in the finance division.

The big weigh-in is tomorrow, so after that I will have a more concrete plan with real progress reports that'll have numbers and everything. Once I weigh myself, everything will fall into place.

Looking forward to tomorrow's update,

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  1. Have you tried giving up soda cold turkey? That's what I did. :) Gods, I hated drinking water at first but it quickly grew on me and now I love the stuff. Can't stand soda anymore - go figure. Keep it up, though. I'm sure you can do it!!