Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Big Weigh-In

Alright, so at 10am this morning I finally weighed myself. I came up as 94.4kg. I'm going to make my goal to get down to 80kg. Tomorrow I will post my master plan for bringing the entire Perfection Project into focus. Mostly because I haven't totally worked it out yet.

94.4kg (or 208lb, for any American people that may begin to read) may seem like a lot, but it's distributed fairly evenly throughout my body as I'm very tall (194cm, or 6'5"), so when I'm clothed you can barely tell that I'm overweight. In any case, I'm a lot healthier now than I have been for most of my life.

Until I was 16, I was bordering on obese. I was only 188cm (6'3") and a massive 108.9kg (240lb). That was when Mother dragged me to one of her Weight Watchers meetings and I began to lose weight, all the while getting taller. At my lowest, I got down to 88.3kg (194lb). In the last year, however, I've let myself slide a bit, which has played a part in my launching of The Perfection Project.

So! There we have it. I have a current weight and a goal weight. The rest of the plan should fall into place nicely with a little bit of thought. That doesn't just include the weight-loss aspirations, but also the money, skin, organisation and fitness areas.

That said, today didn't go well. I had a friend over and a dinner for my sister's birthday, so I overdid the eating. Not to worry!

See you tomorrow, non-existent readers,

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